The tangible and intangible progress

I just wrapped up a great discussion with my coach from which I learned a lot.

I had an insight which will serve me well in my coaching role: In the past I’ve focused a great deal on the tangible (visible) progress which is being made by the client. Typically this takes the form of achieving objectives and executing action items.

What I experienced, though, was much more powerful in the intangible realm. The most important result was what I learned about myself, and my shift in perspective.

No problem with that. But what I discovered about myself was that I tend to skip over celebrating the client’s progress on the intangible dimensions. Depending on the client’s focus, we might be missing the most important value that’s being delivered! Thinking back on the coaching I’ve done in the past, I can point to a number of cases in which this may well have been a disservice to a client.

So here’s what we learn: When looking for and celebrating progress, make sure to have sufficient attention on both the tangible progress – making observable improvements, delivering results, achieving goals – and intangible progress – shifting of mindset, thinking differently, and becoming clear and focused.

Simple, but so powerful.

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