I had a chance to give a presentation to a bunch of great people in a company in the UK this week, about career development. Like all the rest of us, […]

I imagine you’ve heard some version of this story: A traveller was walking through town and happened on a construction site. He asked a worker there, “what are you doing?” […]

I’ve had a chance for several coaching sessions recently – both as a coach and as a client – and I started thinking about what a unique experience it is […]

A couple of years ago, usability expert Jakob Nielsen put forward what he called the 90-10-1 rule:  Social communities tend to be composed of 90% “lurkers”, 9% intermittent contributors, and […]

I had a chance to attend a webinar this morning entitled, “A Conversation with Gary Hamel on Management in the 21st Century: Building a Blueprint for a Company Fit for […]

One of the key concepts that you can learn from a coach is Integrity.  Normally we think of that word in connection with honesty and upright principles.  But it’s much more […]

No doubt many of you have heard about a book and movie called The Secret.  It’s fascinating stuff, but very New Agey.  The key message is the Law of Attraction.  Some […]

That hasn’t been a great week.  We see the entire financial system of the US descending into a bottomless pit, and dragging the rest of the world down with it.  […]

Happy new (calendar) year, everyone!  I hope you had a great break.  The most remarkable thing for me was that my e-mail trailed off to just a dribble, primarily just […]