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“Mondays Stink” is truly a handbook for every employee in any industry. It is a practical yet thought provoking set of “secrets” that we can all use. I am tempted to hand it to any employee who feels ineffectual or any manager who is struggling or for that matter any leader wondering about the culture they want to drive in their company. Carl Dierschow has created something usable without all the fluff that often goes with these “how to” books. Read it, use it, it works!
— Trudy Haines, Vice-President of Human Resources in a Fortune 50 company.

For anyone who feels overwhelmed by corporate life, here is a great little book with lots of practical tips and case studies on how to get more from your work, to discover yourself, and to find greater personal fulfillment.  The writer works for a large global company, which, like many others, has undergone significant change in the last few years.  In simple coaching style, he takes the reader through the many facets of work, its value to both employee and employer, and the ways in which conflict arises and can be resolved.  For me, the central message is that the reader should take responsibility for getting the most out of work, and for looking after himself.
–John, Coach in the UK

This book is practically the only reason I’ve stayed in my current position with a national insurance company and been able to improve my performance from barely meeting expectations to far exceeding them since October when I first read Mondays Stink.  My first impression of the book was that it gave me the ability to tolerate my job.  I found myself referring to it as a resource, hung a few of the bookmarks around my cubicle and noticed people reading them, including my boss.  The one that really hits people is the one about how I should surround myself with people who appreciate me (not a quote but that’s the idea I got from it).  Now I think that message to the readers who stop by my desk actually changes their approach to me and we are all happier.  Imagine if they had read the whole book. I would really like more book marks so if my company of several hundred employees don’t read the book, they will at least get the message by reading excerpts.  If you sell those separately, I would like to buy more.  They could become my own motivational posters for my benefit and visitors…..Thanks.
— Martha Sullivan, Medical Insurance Claims Processor
Pelham, Alabama

“Carl Dierschow’s book, ‘Mondays Stink!’ is a must-read for those who need to develop or strengthen their office relationships to establish trust and support with those in positions of influence and also to improve their chances at keeping their job and moving up the ladder of success. If you are a victim of self-sabotage, this book will really help you.”
Terri Levine, MCC, PCC, MS, CCC-SLP, President of Comprehensive Coaching U and popular author

“This creation is a must for anyone seeking more enjoyment at work. You will learn how to turn Mondays into the best day of the week!”
Diane Allen, Encore Business Coaching

“I’ve seen in my company how easy it is to veer towards being a victim or a martyr in today’s competitive world. Here’s a  great set of tips for taking back responsibility for your life.”
— Bob Hughes, Leadership & Coaching Manager, British Telecom

“This book is a must for anyone who works in a corporate environment or who  coaches corporate employees.  It provides the recipe for a satisfying career.”
— Bobbie Wilson, Finance Director (retired), Coach

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